Relationship Improvement....Make it your priority.
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Woman Standing on Docks


So you have tried on your own to resolve relationship problems.  Perhaps you've read books, gotten lots of good advice, even made some changes.  All good stuff, but it seems relationship issues have a life of their own.  If you are still feeling lost, or stuck, even after your efforts, it is time to take a new approach to resolving Relationship Issues.

The big question: When is it time for Relationship Counseling?
The simple answer: When you are no longer making one another feel good.

You have arrived at the right place to do this work.  With an experienced couples counselor that will lead you to where you could not arrive on your own.  To unravel the complications so you can move from this dark place to a long term fulfilling relationship.  I am a specialist in the field of relationships, having worked successfully with individuals, couples & families for 10 years.  I am a NY State Licensed Psychotherapist with a strong focus on Conflict Resolution in relationships.   Read more about me and my credentials.  My practice extends from Manhattan to Hudson Valley, NY. 

The Relationship Place of NY is for:
Individuals seeking solution-focused help with relational issues
Couples wanting to overcome problems & bring the love back
Family members wishing to reduce conflict & acheive healthier dynamics 

I have a modern approach to couples work;  a bit different than traditional couples counseling.  Over the years, many people have described to me their experiences of previous marraige counseling or couples work as having been awkward, too clinical, and that it just didn't stick.  This is unfortunate and so it is time to look outside of the box for a new approach to relationship counseling.

I invite you to come in for a consultation and evaluation of your situation.   Today you are one step closer to a Better Place.