Relationship Improvement....Make it your priority.
Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks


Specialties & Treatment at The Relationship Center include:



  • Infidelity
  • Early Deprivation & Abuse:  fears, abandonment issues, sabotage
  • Recovering from a break-up.  How to heal and move on
  • Divorce
  • Sudden changes 
  • Anger problems
  • Communication problems:  The Pattern of Demise 
  • Conflict, criticizing, complaining, belittling
  • Money issues: working as a team
  • Sexual desire differences: decoding the descrepancies
  • Parenting: sidestepping the common pitfalls
  • What roles are you really in? understanding the primitive level that drives behaviors 
  • Relationship Design: what's your set-up? Rebalancing the power
  • Intimacy = Attunement.  How to be in the zone.
  • Jealousy
  • The Need to Always be Right
  • When The Passion is Gone.  Navigating from Eden to Reality
  • When the Love is gone.  Can this relationship be saved?
  • When the Attention is gone.   Stages of disconnecting
  • When the Sex is gone.  Physical manifestations of discord
  • When the Respect is gone; what do you really think about your partner and how does it show?
  • Lack of boundaries