Relationship Improvement....Make it your priority.
Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

About Me

My Credentials
I am a NY State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, L.M.H.C., Masters level Psychotherapist, Nationally certified: NCC.  I have an advanced post-grad training from ICP in NYC: Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapies, which affords me a uniquely integrated approach based on modern psychodynamic theory.   I am also credentialed in Substance Abuse counseling. For 10 years, I have been working successfully with men & women, couples & families, to eliminate relationship distress and improve interpersonal functioning.  My graduate work was completed at Long Island University in New York.   

My Philosophy
Relationship is a stage in which we re-cast the characters that will now meet our needs. It is always enlightening to learn how our earliest longings are in fact the same longings we have in current intimate relationship. By connecting these dots, we gain freedom from the trap of repetition, so we can be present in reality, communicating clearly and loving purely. 

As Relationship Counselor, I have a modern approach that incorporates working individually with each partner before coming together in couples work. 
With absolute neutrality, I provide an equal and private space for each partner to be heard in the context of their own world view. Seeing the discord through both lenses, provides me a broader platform for moving efficiently into couples work. Over the years I have heard people's unfortunate experiences of traditional couples therapy as having felt awkward, too clinical, with time wasted convincing the therapist who's right & who's at fault. While conflict and defenses are valuable information, we can work more efficiently without endless sessions of therapist-as-referee. It's a different way in. Are you ready for something different?